ClipPad 1.0.0

ClipPad is a multi-document text editor that sits in the system...

ClipPad is a multi-document text editor that sits in the system tray. This program is not just a text editor. This program can be set to automatically grab the text contents of the Windows 95/98 Clipboard and then place that text either into a new or the current text document within ClipPad.

This program sits out of the way in system tray, disappearing when the program is minimised. The program is then only accessible from its system tray icon.

Either using the convenient right-click pop-up menu or from double left-click of icon. Clipboard grabbing is not the only function that can be set to be automatic.

A number of program functions can be set to be automatic. Such functions as prompt for a file name when a new document is created or close a file when it is saved.

Program FeaturesAutomatic or manual grabbing of the windows clipboard. ;Load, edit and save large text files. Grouped settings of automatic functions to make easy to set them on or off.

Multi-documents interface - edit more than one text file at a time. Toolbar of common functions. Statusbar showing key information. Recent file list.

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